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Founded in Fabulous 2014 and Aiming Towards Fruitful Living!
Inspired by John 15:8
Fruitful & Fabulous, founded by Tannika Moore, was inspired by John 15:8--This is to my Father's glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be My disciples (NIV). As we continue to learn about bearing much fruit and continue in our faith walks, growth, and healing journeys, we are discovering that the ultimate goal in life is to lead a simple, fruitful, and purposeful one through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Many people are just existing. There are Christians that are too just existing and not truly experiencing the fullness of God's joy. It is our desire that we receive the life to the fullest (John 10:10) that Jesus came to give us, and that is our hope for you. 

More than a clothing brand...

  • Fruitful & Fabulous aims to not only become a clothing brand, but an instrument that encourages a way of life that pleases God, impacts others, and experiences the fullness of God's joy.

  • We are committed to leading the way in living life the fruitful way. It is our mission that we bear much fruit (be productive, godly, and purposeful in the footsteps of Jesus and guidance of the Holy Spirit) and live simply, fruitfully, and purposefully.  

Living Life The Fruitful Way!









The Fruitful &  Fabulous Team

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